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Business Analysis to Marketing Plan

The IRUN team have extensive experience across a range of industry sectors. We will always take the time to evaluate your requirements - if we feel we are unable to help, it is very likely we will know someone who can.

Business Analysis

Structured sessions, typically ½ day with pre-work and supporting control documentation – intended to be enough to manage the process but not become an administrative burden.

Activities would include;

  • Review of current Business Development plans
    - Sales network, affiliates etc
    - Core product development
    - Service offering, current and future plans
  • Review of key business metrics
    - sufficient details to establish the ROI targets
  • Review of internet marketing ‘strategy
    - current website, PPC and organic SEO initiatives
  • Confirming website objectives
    - ensuring these are aligned to the overall business objectives
  • Review current technical infrastructure
    - ensure what is in place / planned is ‘fit for purpose’ as the business develops
  • Website traffic
    - who are we targeting and why?
  • Competitor Evaluation
    - understand the online competition, evaluate their strengths and weaknesses
  • Keyword / Key phrase analysis
     - ensuring you are talking the same language as your prospects / clients
  • SEO objectives / strategies
    - On page / off page initiatives to achieve the desired goals
  • Contact Management & Communications
    - closing the loop and maintaining ongoing dialogue
  • Ongoing Management / Review
    - ensuring you close the loop and review performance against the stated objectives.

Marketing Plan

The findings will be collated to create on overall program of activity with agreed key actions and responsibilities.

Actions may include;

  • Keyword / key phrase research: this needs to be reviewed at various stages in the process.
    e.g. we need to establish how / if people are looking for this type of service being offered.
  • Competitor Evaluation / Monitoring: tracking the named competitors activities to assist with developing the overall promotional plan.
  • Newsletter creation / distribution:  targeted offers distributed to segmented data.
  • Landing pages / micro sites: to target specific market niches.
  • Google Analytics: review of KPI’s to ensure all actions are having the desired affect.
  • Pay Per Click: considered part of the overall mix for specific service types where the cost per click and conversion rates are proportional to the potential commercial return. This would extend to reviewing PPC budgets where considered appropriate.
  • Social media: identify potential partners and advocates to leverage the online networks (e.g. LinkedIn / Facebook / Twitter).
  • Blogs: ensuring the website content is continually refreshed.
  • Customer Referral / Feedback: systems need to be established to ensure all customer feedback is positively managed.
  • Digital Brochures: utilising the available applications to ‘digitise’ existing materials which can then be, embedded in the website, linked within email newsletters etc.
  • Website configuration guidance;
    - Review / provision of meta data
    - Rewriting on-page copy
    - Website amendments to improve visitor conversion
    - Review / configuration of appropriate landing pages
    - …. depending on business objectives

Process Management & Activity Monitoring

The plan would include monthly meetings and use of the remote GoToMeeting where appropriate. Should we feel that additional monthly meetings are required the scope of this can be agreed at the time.

All activities can be monitored using our online project management system, nominated users have the ability to list activities, add notes and track time where appropriate.  

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