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Internet Marketing

Making Your Website Sell

Did you know that 80% of your site's visitors will only see 20% of your website? This means you should stop wasting your time with the pages that they will never look at and identify the ones they are, so that you can make these as effective as possible.

Using Google+ for your Search Engine Optimisation

You've probably heard of Google+, the search engine's attempt to compete with the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Despite being another social network to get your head around, Google+ can have significant benefits for your SEO.

One of the big factors of good SEO, is links. These can be difficult and time consuming to get, but with Google+ you can instantly create plenty of good quality links.

Why you should have a Facebook Page

With all the hype about social media, is it just a fad or are there real business reasons to have a Facebook Page? The answer is undoubtedly yes.

Why is that? Put simply, social networking is fast becoming the thing that consumes more time than any other online activity, and in some cases all spare time. It is a massive marketing opportunity to the smart players. With over 400 Million users and rising daily, and on average a user spends an hour per day on Facebook, can you afford not to be on there?

Do you need more than a website?

These days having a website is just not enough, with the proliferation of smartphones your customers are spending a lot of their online hours on a device they can hold in their hand. The reality is that consumers are now spending time using smartphone apps instead of the search engines and are using social media sites to interact with each other to discuss what restaurant they might visit tonight before they book to see a film (on their smartphone of course?)

Google Buzz

If you’ve got a GMail account with Google you might have seen a new item appear in your list… ‘Buzz’

So what is Google Buzz, well basically its a way of starting conversations with your GMail friends about things that you find interesting, so you automatically follow the people you already connect with in GMail.

The features of Buzz include:

Websites that Work

Websites don't have to be all singing and all dancing in order to deliver results for a business. Neither of the websites below were expensive, neither of them required a great deal of technical know-how or graphic design. Yet both of them are delivering the required results, and this is because here at IRUN we listen to the customer's requirements and interpret them onto the web. It's not rocket science, it's about understanding the business needs and deliverying a solution in a timely, practical and cost effective manner.

How to drive targeted traffic with Twitter

The whole purpose of using Twitter for your business is to gain new contacts and find new target markets, but how do you make this tool work for you? How do you get the right traffic and followers?

Any form of marketing takes effort and commitment to an end goal, social media is no different, and in fact has the highest rewards in the shortest time for those who master it. Generating incoming traffic has to be your number one priority as this provides you with: 

Another Training session scheduled for Hotel Marketing

We are passionate about helping you drive your business forward and making it as profitable as possible. It is with this aim that we have put together our workshops "Hotel Marketing in the Information Age".

More ways to use Twitter

As the recent snow melted away it revealed considerable damage to the road network in the local area close to our consultant Bruce Johnston who runs Irun Solutions in Monmouth.

As Bruce is known in the local area and ‘chats’ amongst the local Twitter community he put out a tweet :

IRUN Customer Service Training Session for the Hospitality Industry

On the 20th January IRUN ran its first ever customer service training session tailored to meet the demands that the hospitality industry face. Fred Copestake and Ray Watson from IRUN led the training, which has been introduced to enhance the IRUN hospitality marketing system.

What a success the course was, here is some feedback from the delegates that attended:

Feedback from Anthony Lloyd – Owner of Fallowfields: