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To the wholesale industry Stearn are known as ‘The wholesaler’s wholesaler’. They are a super distributor to the electrical industries wholesale trade, and specialist distributer to many other industries.

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Powersolve Electronics Ltd

Powersolve Electronics Ltd. was established in 1987 by a group of experienced power supply specialists who had had many years previous experience in the world wide power supply industry. The company was set up to provide a very wide range of standard products, not only of the highest quality, but also at competitive prices and variants and custom power supplies when the need arises.

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IRUN Head Office

Electrical Wholesale Huddersfield Ltd

IRUN helped Electrical Wholesale Huddersfield in creating a content manageable website. This enabled the business to communicate their new technologies and information to their customers

About Electrical Wholesale Huddersfield (EWHD)

Over the past three years the business has been transformed. Its roots stem from those of a traditional electrical wholesaler supplying electricians with the tools and equipment they need to do their business but the advent of high definition TV, home cinema and houses that are wired for sound, video and data has created new and exciting opportunities for EWHD.

Customer Comments: 

Our internet presence is now an integral part of our ‘Luxury through Intelligence concept’ for modern homes and to date IRUN has fulfilled all its obligations as a supplier to us and I’d like to think they can keep pace with the changes our business will undoubtedly go through in the years ahead, so I’d encourage anyone to consider their services.

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IRUN Head Office