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Customer Feedback

Phyllis Agbo

"The process of getting this site up has been simple and pain free. The communication has been great and the site is better than I had hoped for"

Phyllis Agbo

Go-Kart Party Gloucestershire

"The team at IRUN are always helpful, any queries / issues I have are always responded to quickly, efficiently and they solve the problem I have."

Aidan McLoughin

Katie Roebuck

"I found IRUN to be very proactive in making sure my website was working for me and my business. Despite the fact I am a small operation, my opinions, preferences and needs for what I wanted to acheive all mattered greatly. The advice and service I received was prompt and IRUN worked very successfully on their own initiatve as they quickly grasped just what I was after. They reacted quickly to my requests, following everything up with constructive and relevant solutions. I cannot recommend IRUN highly enough."

Katie Roebuck

Wembley Click and Park

"IRUN worked with me to launch my business online. There is still more work to be done on the website, but the flexible platform that it is built on means that we will be able to expand the website’s functionality easily in the future. In the meantime, the website is working! We are taking bookings and are pleased to say that the website paid for itself very quickly. The investment was very worthwhile."
Adam Hopcroft, Owner

Headway Shropshire

"The initial visit from John Minchell (IRUN Shrewsbury) was a turning point for our charity and how we provide information and support to our members and clients.

The knowledge, enthusiasm and professionalism of the IRUN team is inspiring and they took the time to understand the specific needs of our company and what was required in a cost effective manner. We now have a website that is easy to update and link to our CRM system. We get the majority of our job applicants through our website now which has saved us money on postage.

We are really pleased that we now have a professional and interactive website. – Thank you John!"
Erika Elliot, Operations & Finance Manager

Orwell Engineering Ltd

"In the last 6 months, Orwell Engineering has gone from a company with minimal marketing collateral to one with a fully content managed website, a CRM system for keeping in contact with clients and a state of the art digital catalogue which has really put us ahead of the game. The team at IRUN has advised us every step of the way, and helped us get the best return on our marketing investment. The marketplace is still very difficult, but I feel that we are much better equipped now to make the best of it."
Nick Dixon, Managing Director

First to Buy

"We needed to increase the volume and quality of site visitors so that we could improve our chances of finding cars in what is a very competitive market.

IRUN helped us to put together a new website, advised on and helped to write the copy for each of the main pages and advised on keywords for our Google Adwords campaign. We had tried previous companies who had made similar promises and not delivered, they all seamed more interested in getting you more clicks for less money but did not recognise the importance of the correct type of click ( a customer who costs you £1.50 per click but is serious is worth far more than 3 customers at £1.00 who are just surfing).

IRUN Kingswood brought an understanding of not just click increase at reduced costs but combined this with a marketing strategy that targeted active customers so not only did we have an increase in clicks, but we found a proportional increase in enquiries linked to those clicks, Irun Kingswood also helped us hone our website to target more specific areas and a better quality of enquiry which has not only brought our cost of conversions down from £17 each to on average £12 but has increased profitability as due to a smaller collection area and a better class of vehicle being collected our profit margin per car has increased. We were also given training on how to alter our web site content, the Irun package makes this very easy and allows us to very quickly adapt to any changing market conditions.

We are delighted with the results and have now had to move our business to a much bigger garage and storage complex to handle the increase in cars and therefore business."
Ryan Clarke, Director

David Winter - BBC Presenter, Writer & Author

"I spoke to good friend of mine, Julie Dunwell at IRUN Solutions and in no time I was the proud owner of a site that is simple to use, I think it looks great and it does exactly what I wanted it to do."
David Winter - BBC Presenter, Writer & Author

AKE Cleaning

"My company, used to spend 30 hrs per month doing marketing emails via Outlook, and getting modest results that we couldn't track properly. Since meeting Paul Bourdillon of IRUN Business Intelligence we’ve started using IRUN's InTouch CRM (Customer Relations Management) system. We have saved so much time, and increased direct response business by 47%, just from our email marketing. This method, plus networking and word of mouth are our only marketing channels.

  • We now spend only one hour per month on email marketing (saving 29 hours per month of admin time!)
  • We have had regular enquiries from our campaigns, and these have led to 47% increase of actual new business
  • We can create higher quality email campaigns,
  • We can send to all our contacts, or just a targeted selection from the database,
  • We can now see who is reading our emails, and follow up those who are interested,
  • We manage it ourselves, thus saving on outsourcing costs,
  • But we know IRUN can help us if backup services are needed
  • InTouch costs just £17.99 per month + VAT

We are happy to recommend IRUN's InTouch system as a low-cost, high impact CRM solution for small to medium size businesses."
Andrew Thomson, Director AKE Cleaning

Kathryn Anthony Opticians

“IRUN understood the challenge of positioning my business within a highly competitive local market. Results to date have been encouraging and I look forward to extending the focus into other niche markets.”
Kathryn Anthony

Nimesh Patel

“Although we have customers all over the country, with the website we can reach a wider audience and plan to expand our business through the internet. It is early days but we are already receiving large number of hits on our website. We are very happy with our website and the excellent service we have received from Mukesh Shah of Irun Harrow.”
Nimesh Patel, Robert Samuell Power Tools Search

Wilco Roof Racks

"My experience of IRUN has been one of a professional and efficient service. On the rare occasion that something does go wrong, the IRUN support team are relentless in resolving the problem as soon as possible. IRUN are not web designers, so if having a pretty website is more important to you than making money, they are not for you. If however you are looking for a company which has ground away the unnecessary and costly components of web design, and left a system which quite simply, will pay for itself many times over, no matter how big or small your company may be, then I am confident you will be delighted with the exceptional service IRUN provides."
Robert Williams, Sales and Marketing Manager

The Talbot Inn

"IRUN is very straight and direct in their approach which I appreciate. Lynne and her team have been absolutely fantastic with the delivery of their package of services, as well as providing a level of ongoing support, which is second to none. Although it is very early stages for the whole marketing solution I am very excited to see how it progresses."
Trevor Johnson, Landlord

Manlove Forensics

"We were recommended to use IRUN Ltd by a friend who had already had a positive experience working with you – Mark Baker. We were on a tight time limit with a specific deadline to meet to launch a new website and needed to have the design and upload complete by this time. By your attentiveness, helpful suggestions and support we met the deadline and the website looks great! We look forwards to our climb up the rankings with continued excellent customer support from Lynne, Julie and the team."
Dr John Manlove

Triple M Copywriting

"A big thank you to Lynne Jones for your input while developing the website for my copywriting business. Everyone I had contact with at IRUN understood the business’s marketing strategy and how to apply it to the internet.

The design of the administration system is user friendly, demonstrating you are clearly specialists in this field, especially Andrew Allen who has patiently guided me through it during numerous over-internet meetings.

I’ve had my fingers burnt in the past with other website designers, so it has been a real pleasure to work with IRUN developing a website I feel accurately represents my copywriting business."
Michelle Marks

R J Langman Insurance Brokers

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent service you (Paul de Ridder of IRUN Docklands) and IRUN have given us whilst setting up our new website. We are extremely excited by the new site and the ease with which it has all gone together. Your assistance has always been first class and I look forward to working with you on future projects."
Roy Langman, Chairman

Wembley Parking Services

"I would not hesitate in recommending both IRUN and Mukesh. I am highly impressed by the level of technical support, and the quality of my new website is outstanding. It was a pleasure to do business with Mukesh and IRUN, and I thank them for their hard work."
Malcolm Preedy

Brook Natural Health Centre

"Everyone at IRUN Ltd has been very helpful. They are always available to speak to and any problems that have arisen have been dealt with straight away. Also any queries have been very patiently answered! We like the fact that we can edit our site at any time and changes are updated immediately. We would certainly recommend IRUN Ltd to colleagues and friends!"
Sebastian and Elise Gwyn-Williams

Tenbury Osteopath

"I was sceptical to start with as to whether I needed a website, but now I am so pleased that I contacted IRUN; the team have been most helpful. I got my website up and running in no time. It is so easy to use, even for a real novice like myself. My new website is going to be a great way to keep in touch with my patients new and old."
Claire Wall, Registered Osteopath

St Clements Osteopathy and Massage

"I knew I needed a website to publicise my osteopathy and massage practice but didn’t know where to start; I was then introduced to IRUN by a fellow osteopath. IRUN recommended I use its WebBuildPRO system to build my site, and after a bit of help, I did just that! My site is now live and I am very pleased with it - I love the flexibility of being able to alter the site whenever I want to without having to involve a web designer.

Although the site has only been live for a short time I have already noticed an immediate increase in business, and, as my site is listed on page 1 of Google for ‘Oxford osteopathy’, I hope this will continue."
Tom Bedford, Registered Osteopath

Cirencester friendly

"I would definitely recommend IRUN Ltd. The faultless service has greatly boosted my confidence and skills, and the finished product represents Cirencester friendly’s modern and dynamic approach to communication and sales."
Emma Hooper

Morgen HR

"I knew I needed to change my website to make it work for my business. I was receiving very few enquiries through the old site and my business offering had changed which needed to be communicated to potential clients. I have found the WebBuildPRO package very easy to use and I was able to build my site with only minimal training. I am able to make updates whenever I want to and have only required assistance on more technical amendments. Andrew Allen and his customer service team are excellent – nothing is too much trouble for them."
Helen Lawrence, Managing Director

The Ultimate Shine

"I am very pleased with my website and from my point of view the whole experience with IRUN and AGM has very been good. My main aim now is to work on the site’s optimisation so that it gets a high ranking from the major search engines. With IRUN and AGM’s help I’m sure I will achieve that. I would definitely recommend the IRUN package to other businesses looking for a cost effective website solution."
Tony Molloy, Managing Director

Scorpion Signs

"IRUN Solutions delivered exactly what they promised. With friendly, knowledgeable staff listening to our requirements and delivering the required solution, I have no hesitation in recommending them to my own customers who do not as yet have a website of their own. They have an excellent product that they deliver with a business understanding that I found very refreshing."
Colin Chung, Proprietor

Dr Mehrassa Farjad

"Andrew Allen has been fantastic in working with me to recover my website which had initially cost me a fortune to develop. So he has saved me time and money and I am grateful for that."
Dr Mehrassa Farjad, Authorised Civil Marriage Celebrant

Furniture Art

"I would like to thank IRUN for the work they have done on the hosting and marketing of my website. The results have been amazing and very satisfying.

IRUN has given my website a far more professional, attractive appearance than it had previously. This together with your search engine optimisation has resulted in a dramatic increase of traffic to the site which is converting to quality leads and real work.

I am very excited about using the IRUN InTouch email marketing software, it is easy to use and so clever in the information it feeds back after an email campagn has been sent. The back up from you and the rest of your team during the set up process was exceptional. It will be making up the hub of my marketing for the business in the future.

Finally I would like to thank you for your very personal and supportive approach to my account. You have been incredibly helpful from the start and have delivered the service and information I needed in a way that a very non-computer person like myself has been able to understand."
Jason Harris

"I operate as a consultant to the small-to-medium business sector and have previously used the IRUN package to build a relatively straightforward website to promote my consultancy practice. However, with the website I needed to build an eCommerce site to enable me to sell polocrosse equipment via the internet.

With some trial and error, I managed to build the site on my own, with no training, and got everything working so that visitors can now purchase goods online, easily and securely.

Through my experience of the IRUN package, I am now able to demonstrate to my consultancy clients how easy it is to build a website, even one with a complex eCommerce function.

The website has only just been launched so it is too early to evaluate its performance. However, in the next few weeks I will be promoting the site to all my contacts, using its newsletter function. From this I hope to gain some valuable Christmas trade, as well equipment sales prior to the new polocrosse season, which starts in April 2008.

Most people don’t think they can build a website themselves, but I have shown that they can."
Tony Shearing

Go-Kart Party Gloucestershire

"After our previous bad experience, we were decided to try the IRUN-WebBuildPRO package as it offered a do-it-yourself option. We felt this was better value for money and therefore did not feel we were being ripped off.

All contacts we have made with the team at IRUN have been excellent. We have found Steve and Andrew very supportive and nothing has been too much trouble. Compared to our previous experience the level of integrity has been very high."
Aidan and Mel McLoughlin, Owners

Chapman, Robinson & Moore Chartered Accountants

"We had for some time been concerned that our existing website did not properly reflect the professional image we wished to portray, and was of little practical use to us as a marketing tool due to the lack of control we had over it.

We had looked at various options to rectify this but the all seemed expensive in terms of both time and money in relation to the benefit we would get back. A big issue for us was also to have control of our own site, which many of the options we looked at simply did not allow. We then met with Steve Darnell of IRUN and although we are actually discussing a separate business issue, the IRUN concept came up during conversation.

We were initially sceptical, given our lack of success to date in finding a solution, but it soon appeared that this could actually be exactly what we had been looking for. Steve kindly gave me a trial of the product and we were very impressed at just how quickly we were able to start actually building the site.

In a fraction of the time than we had expected we had a new website that satisfied all our criteria, especially as we had complete control over it. Furthermore, the cost of achieving this was a fraction of what the other quotes had been.

In addition to building our website we attended a free online seminar on search engine optimisation. We found the session very interesting and useful, and explained the subject in readily understandable language. We certainly feel that such training is a real value-added service.

We now have a great website and have full control over its content – all achieved without any previous website experience! We would not hesitate to recommend IRUN."
Tony Hobbs and Alan Sowden

Capital Chorus - West London Barbershop Harmony Club

“Nearly half of all our new members now come via the new website, and analytics indicate the frequent use of the site by members as well as by the public at large”
Paul Gordon, Membership Secretary of Capital Chorus

Training Course testimonials

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