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Online digital viewing experience of brochures or catalogues

IRUN Digital Media provides you with a viewing experience similar to that of printed catalogues and brochures without any loss of quality. 

Digital Media is eye catching, enhances your customers' online viewing experience and increases your catalogue or brochure circulation, which in return, saves on your print and postage costs.

Why use Digital Media?

  • Instant catalogue deliverability via email
  • Reduce marketing costs
  • Increase the effectiveness of email campaigns
  • Added value when embedded into your website
  • Effective in driving visitors to your website
  • More interactive user experience
  • Release catalogue updates online as they happen
  • Extract sections for seasonal or short-term promotions.

Never be worried about running out of printed stock when you have IRUN Digital Media online 24/7. Plus it's environmentally friendly too!

For more information on IRUN Digital Media, telephone 01865 920003, or email us to request a call back. 


Holiday Inn Express Folkestone
A hotel brochure for business users and cross-channel travellers alike.