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Social Media Management

Social Networks these days have a positive impact on your SEO and if used correctly, they can enhance your online brand and reputation (be aware - they can damage it too!)

Social Media has rapidly grown over recent years, with millions of users connected from around the world.

This all sounds great - but where do you start?

We know that the prospect of 'doing' all of this sounds immense, after all you've only got 24 hours in a day. But we can help you, by putting together a simple social networking strategy for you, with this simple 3 step plan:

Step 1 - Protect your brand online

  • Work with you to decide which social networks are most appropriate to your business and target market
  • Help you in creating a consistent profile and message across all of your profiles

Step 2 - Monitor your reputation online

  • Introduce you to tools that will help you to monitor what is being said about you, your business and your industry
  • Setup a system to make sending out updates easier and efficient

Step 3 - Time for you to get involved

  • We'll show you how to effectively use the social networks to grow your online presence
  • Give you ideas on content and how to grow following